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Special: A Simplified SOO Approach

To supplement Sonali and Mark's excellent talk about an approach for SOOs, I thought I would share the simplified, 3 step approach for the SOOs that I used during the examination.

There are lots of other ways to prepare for the SOOs, and this is just one more added into the fray: I would encourage you to try a few out as mental models while you're doing your practice, and use what works best for you. For myself, I found that I really can't keep that much in my head, especially when I'm nervous for an exam, and so I worked to simplify the SOO content into 3 short prompts that I could use to keep organized and make sure that I touched on all the relevant information during the exam. A PDF of the approach is included below for your use, feel free to share if you find it helpful!

3 Step Approach to the SOO

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